Located in southwest of China, Sichuan Xixi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in manufacturing different kinds of water treatment plants (RO, Ultra-filtration, water softening, water recycle systems) , which are widely used for industries, hospitals, commerce, medicals, household etc.

          Sichuan xixi science and technology co., LTD
          Is engaged in all kinds of medical, home in southwest China
          ndustrial and commercial water purification……
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            • In northwest sichuan sand prevention project in chengdu through expert review
            • Summary:

              Yesterday (4), northwest sichuan sand prevention engineering planning ...

            • Continue to carry out the water pollution prevention and control for five sichuan section water quality is better than that of last year
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              Jinsha river, minjiang river, the Yangtze river and tuojiang river, five out of the sichuan section of jialing river wat...

            • Give full play to their role as the worker is main force Play "energy conservation and emissions reduction" to be completed
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              To implement the spirit of the national federation of trade unions teleconference on energy conservation and emissions r...

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